KSI vs Logan Paul 2

KSI vs Logan Paul 2 : will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, USA. Advert. When is it taking place? 

YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul have finally set a date to fight each other once again, having revealed they will go against each other on 9 November.

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The much-hyped boxing fight between rival YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul has ended in a draw. Briton KSI, who boasts 19.4 million subscribers, took on US star Paul, who has 18.2 million.

KSI vs Logan Paul 2 : The match between KSI vs Logan Paul is about to start right on November 9, 2019. Yes, both the Youtube Boxers are looking in sublime form whereas each of them are from different backgrounds.

The rival internet celebrities drew their first fight, which took place in Manchester in August 2018. Paul made a much stronger start before KSI grew into the contest, and many thought the Londoner had done enough to nick the contest on points.

But instead the ringside judges scored the fight a majority draw. Here is how our sports writers see tonight’s contest going down.

Logan Paul has made much of the fact that he was hampered the last time these two met – by his vegan diet at the time, and by his girlfriend, apparently – but both men seem to have been training significantly for the bout, and KSI performed well in the first meeting between the pair.

Most of the money has been on Paul to take the fight, but more people have laid money on KSI – just in lower amounts. Whether that’s fandom running away with itself, or simply the grassroots pooling knowledge and making smaller wagers, we’ll have to see.

One thing most people agree on is that the bout isn’t likely to last long: most people seem to believe we’ll see an early finish (which I’m thankful for as I battle jetlag and an eight-hour time difference). Another thing that’s assured: both men will win financially from the fight.

Logan Paul enters as the heavy favourite but I think KSI will have learnt from his mistakes of their first fight, you can’t start slow with only six rounds of boxing available to you.

Let’s be honest: nobody really knows how much boxing ability the two men have. Last year they had next to none, so everything depends on how hard they have been training in recent months.

KSI has been taking this fight very seriously and has been training at the Mayweather gym in Las Vegas, but there’s only so much you can learn in a limited period of time.

In my opinion, Logan Paul will simply prove too big and powerful. If he lands with a clean shot, KSI isn’t going to be able to carry on.

Logan Paul comes into this one with a significant weight and height advantage and you would think that he is going to dominate the early rounds. It would seem his tactic is simple: finish this early.

But I think KSI has the technical ability to avoid the knockout and grow into this contest, much like he did in the first fight last year. If he manages that, I think he has the power to stop a tiring Paul.